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Red Dragons member.

The Red Dragons were one of the three main gangs in the Peachtree Block before Ma-Ma and her clan wiped out all the competition.

Role in Dredd[]

Members of The Red Dragons typically sport tattoos similar to a Chinese triad. and with the word Dragons being in there name this gives further evidence that that were Chinese as Dragons are a big part of Chinese Mythology and culture.


  • The ethnicity of the gang is unknown, it would appear in the film that there race is East Asian, most likely Chinese.
  • It is unclear which Illegal Business activity the Red Dragons specialized in. It could be Drugs, prostitution, extortion, racketeering etc. or some combination of said activities.
  • It is unclear if the Red Dragons are still a active gang in Mega City One. According to a comment made by Ma-Ma in the movie its thought that they still have a presence in Sector 15, as Ma-Ma mentioned that it was "still Red territory". Although being Red territory could just be a indication that there's some kind of rival gangs or possibly where the Hall of Justice is located.