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Rhode Island headshot

Rhode Island headshot

Rhode Island Red was the head of a mutant raiding gang known as the "Red Leg Raiders" within the Cursed Earth situated on the outskirts of Milwaukee, he is marked by his particularly unique mutation of having a chicken's head in place of a regular human one. This then created him to be very insecure with his deformity.


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Rhode Island Red presumably lived a regular mutant childhood, one in destitute and anarchism within the desolate environment of the cursed earth. A anthropomorphic mutation was highly uncommon, growing up with such a odd disfigurement Rhode Island was probably to be thought of as odd himself. This may have been the reason why he gets so insecure as well as being so brutal in his leadership. Like others in the area he feared the ruins of Milwaukee daring not to enter, the city was famous for being hit by a United State's own nuclear warhead from a malfunction during the Great Atom War. It was rumoured that every night the city came back to life like it's pre war self and that the should of the dead rose to take their revenge for being betrayed. So Rhode nor anyone else entered the ruins when night fell.

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Overtime he manged to amass a prominent raiding gang known as the "Red Leg Raiders", hiding out in a volcanic range near the valley that was once Great Lake Michigan. With his tamed "Dog Vultures" he punish the members that fell out of order (or ones that commented on his mutation), with order he successfully orchestrated a operation of raids to anyone daring to journey into the Cursed Earth. During this time he raised concerns to Justice Department for doing a inexplicit crime to the city (mostly likely raiding a Justice Dep convoy), now being a capital offender he unknowingly set a warrant onto himself for arrest.

The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous[]

In 2103 Judge Dredd taken on Rhode Island Red's warrant for arrest and went to Milwaukee to track him down. Through intervening a Red Leg raid he discovered the supernatural superstitions of "Old Milwaukee". Dredd travelling overnight through the arid terrain managed even noting how the ruins of Milwaukee did have a suspicions glow that he passed as nuclear energy radiating. Scouting out Rhode Island Red's base he infiltrated his hut arresting him in a confusion of a fire Dredd set up. Being persuade by Red's raiders, being led by "Ape" (mutant with a ape like mutation), Dredd hoped riding into Milwaukee would make the superstitious mutants back down but due to Ape's leadership they kept chase. Come night fall it seemed that all the rumours of Milwaukee was in-fact true (with the explanation being because of the sheer random nature of the Cursed Earth anything can happen) and the city came to life like it's old self with spirits rising and killing all mutants in their wake. To quell the rising dead Dredd threatened them with another nuclear war strike playing into their hatred of the last.


Judge Dredd and Rhode Island Red rode back into Mega City One where Red would spend rest of his life in a Iso-Cube.


A cruel ruler he'd punish those brutally with his tamed Dog Vultures if they dared comment of his mutation. Also though a realist with unusually not being completely mad like most mutant leaders would be.


Wearing very minimalistic clothes, he wore no top (presumably because none could fit over his massive chicken head), cargo pants with a knife wrapped on the belt and sandals for being to fit onto his giant chicken feet. He had a head of a farm chicken and feet of one as well with a fairly normal torso and legs.

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  • Rhode Island Red is a type of breed of chicken.


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