"Thank you, Judge."
—Rosa to Judge Dredd
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Rosa is a very minor character in Dredd.

She is portrayed by Emma Breschi.

Role in DreddEdit

Rosa is a food court kitchen employee, in a Mega-City One block known as "Peach Trees". One day following an intense car chase, Rosa is taken hostage by a Slo-Mo junkie and wanted felon, Ethan Zwirner, who is attempting to flee from Judge Dredd. He holds an Armscor BXP submachine gun to Rosa's head and tells Dredd to let him go or he will kill her.

Dredd doesn't negotiate with criminals, and after Zwirner refuses his deal about life in an iso-cube without parole, Dredd promptly tells Zwirner that negotiation is over and takes down Zwirner with a 'hotshot' incendinary round, leaving Rosa unharmed. Rosa is in shock from the ordeal but does thank Dredd for his help. Dredd is then called back to the Hall of Justice.

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