The Judge Dredd universe uses a variety of terms to describe objects, activities and ideas with slang terms. They are often developments or corruptions of language from the 20th and 21st Century or else use entirely new words.

Below are a few examples of slang used in Mega City One: 

Places[edit | edit source]

  • Slab - term for a Pedestrian walkway or Pedway, analagous to sidewalks or pavements. 
  • Sked- term for a road for vehicles (short for Skedway), analagous to highway.
  • Resyk - term for a Recycling Centre where dead bodies are processed and recycled
  • Zoomway - High-speed, several-lane interstate similar to the Autobahn. In the new Dredd film they are seen but instead referred to a single time as "Mega-Highways".

People[edit | edit source]

  • Droid - term used as slang for various robots.
  • Fattie - term used to describe a person obsessed with the Fattie's fad.
  • Jay - term for a Judge.
  • Jimp -a term for a Judge Impersonator.
  • Mutie - term used to describe Mutants.
  • Norm - term used to describe a person obsessed with the Normals Fad.
  • Perp - short for perpetrator , term for a criminal.
  • Scavver - short for scavenger its a person that tries to salvage resources found out in the wasteland.
  • Simp -  term used to describe a person obsessed with the Simping fad
  • Spont - a person who falsely implicates himself for crimes he or she did not commit. +-
  • Sov - short for Soviet , a term used for East megians.
  • Uglies - term used to describe a person obsessed with the Uglies Fad.
  • Wastelander/Waster - a name given to inhabitants of the Wasteland.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Guzzalene - a Corruption of the word Gasolene same thing as Petrol in English. Guzza comes from the word Guzzle as in to drink greedy, cars drink gas if they are hungry, after they are close to empty and such. Thus the name stuck over time as a new slang word.
  • Stookie - a kind of Drug made from a alien creature of the same name.

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Shuggy - a game played on a table with cues and balls, analagous to pool or snooker.   
  • Sky Surfing - a sport involving flying on an anti-gravity surfboard

Crimes[edit | edit source]

  • Umpty Bagging - selling of Umpty Candy
  • Wrecking - causing massive road accidents in order to stop large amounts of people and then rob them

Expletives / Profanities[edit | edit source]

  • Grud - an object of worship by the inhabitants of Vatican City, it is usually used as analagous to God (eg. "Grud Damnit!" ).
  • Jovus -  used as analagous to Jesus (eg. "Jovus!" )
  • Stomm - an unpleasant substance (eg. "What is this stomm?" )
  • Drokk - a profanity, it is used most commonly as a verb (eg. "Drokk it!" or "You little drokker!" ) but also an adverb (i.e "Get the drokk down!" )
  • Spug - an adjective (eg. "You Spugger!" or "What a spugwit")
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