"Peach Trees has been sealed by blast doors designed to withstand attack. No one's getting out. No one's coming in. And you have every Clan affiliate in the block after your blood. There are no sides. You're already dead."
—TJ to Judge Dredd.

TJ was the medic at the Clinic known as Med Center ,located in the Peach Trees Building of the Peach Trees Block of Sector 13.

Character biographyEdit

He was first on the scene when Ma Ma ordered the execution of three traitors to the clan.

TJ is examining their skinned corpses, which have been thrown from a balcony and into the atrium. When Ma-Ma Gives her lock down speech and she locks down the building to prevent Dredd and Anderson escaping with their prisoner, Kay, TJ also decided to lock down the Clinic/Medical Bay and refuses entry into the Med Bay to Dredd out of fear of clan retribution, since Ma-Ma has told the Peach Trees residents that they and the next generation of their family will die if they are caught helping the Judges. 

His fears for his life were correct and eventually he is killed. TJ's fears prove to be very unfortunate for TJ indeed as these fears prove to be most fatal to himself. When Judge Lex and his group of corrupt Judges arrive to kill Dredd, TJ attempts to warn the judges, claiming that at least one Judge is still alive from the sound of gunfire. TJ is hoping they can end the standoff since he can't assist Dredd, and he explains that Ma-Ma is responsible for the whole situation and has killed many innocents in an attempt to kill Judge Dredd. When Lex asks TJ if he will testify against Ma-Ma, he agrees, so Judge Chan promptly shoots him in the head killing him.

Unfortunately due to TJ having died this lead to even more deaths which could have been prevented. This is due to the fact that TJ was the only doctor in the clinic left alive during the lock-down chapter of the movie. So, after TJ died, like domino's falling in order, many other victims of Ma-Ma such as the victims of the mini-gun assault on level 76 could not get medical treatment. Not shown on screen Kay was shown with his forearm blown off its also presumed that he died as well because TJ was no longer alive to treat Kay's injuries.


TJ's Clinic (Dredd)

This is a Picture of the Clinic that TJ works at known as the Med Center. If you look close enough you can see TJ in one of the windows.

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