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Toots Milloy is a practicing witch with considerable magical powers who operates as a private detective in Mega-City One. She first encountered Judge Dredd when she was hired by a man to locate his missing wife, who had run off with a witch cult, only to find the woman dead, impaled on broomsticks. Milloy and Dredd discovered that the cult was actually a hoax, its members being duped by a fake witch called Samantha and her partner Darren (Samantha had an implant in her nose which operated various devices by remote control when she twitched it). Dredd captured Darren, but Samantha was impaled on her own remote controlled broomstick while trying to kill Toots, who seemingly used genuine magic to save herself. She then disappeared.

Some time later, Dredd ran into Toots again while she was on the trail of a demon which had broken through into their dimension; Toots was able to banish the creature, with Dredd's help.

Later still, Toots angered a fellow witch, a shape changer, by insulting her and lured Dredd and another Judge to her apartment by magically influencing Dredd to carry out a Crime Blitz. She was expecting to be attacked by her rival, Wanda, and correctly gambled that Dredd would be able to save her, which he did by blowing off the foot of a demonic flying creature which laid siege to the apartment (in reality, Wanda). The creature escaped, injured, and Toots denied all knowledge of it, fooling Dredd's lie detector. She continues to operate within the city, and Dredd remains apparently unaware or disbelieving of her magical abilities, though he has noticed that trouble seems to follow her.


Toots Milloy was created by Alan Grant and David Roach in 2000AD 1407.

Notes and Trivia Facts[]

Toots Milloy's introductory story was titled B*w*tch*d, and was a deliberate spoof of the 1960s US TV series Bewitched, which featured a nose twitching witch called Samantha and her husband Darrin Stevens.