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Trapper Hag is a Criminal that Judge Dredd Fought in the original Comics series


Hag is a massive humanoid alien standing several meters tall, he has shoulder length brown hair small yellow eyes and brown skin, he carries all kinds of weapons on his person.


Hag was a large beast-like creature with a brutish and barbaric nature, typically believing that humanity to be insignificant and also that humanity is below him.


He comes to Mega-City in search of a hunting quarry, however Dredd beats him and Hag is locked up in an Iso-Cube. Many years later Hag escapes when his Iso-Block was breached during the Second Robot War in 2121, but rather than fleeing off the planet, remains in the city and captures Dredd, intent on killing him. After a tense battle, Dredd once again beats the bounty hunter and Hag is carted off to the Iso-Cubes to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

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