Vartis Hammond
Real Name:
Vartis Hammond
Allignment: Good
Affiliations: MCBC
Portrayed by: Mitch Ryan
Appearances: Judge Dredd

Vartis Hammond is a news reporter in Mega-City One. He was portrayed in the 1995 film Judge Dredd by Mitch Ryan.


Hammond was a news reporter highly critical of Judge Dredd and the level of violence used by Judges. He exposed the brutality of Dredd's pacifying of the block war at Heavenly Haven Block and planned to expose the Council of Judges from behind the scenes after learning of several key judges corruption.

Later, at Hammond's apartment, an unidentifiable judge bursts in and kills Hammond and his wife. The incident is captured on a security camera and Hammond's final word is "DREDD!!!". Judge Dredd was the chief suspect and was put on trial. He was found guilty via DNA evidence, although Hammond's real killer was later revealed to be Rico Dredd.


His death scene was based on the early chapters of The Day The Law DIed in which Cal sends a Robot made to look like Dredd to kill a newspaper editor so Dredd would be either executed or shipped to Titan


Hammond's death.

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