The Wasteland or Wastes (American) also Radiation Lands or Radlands (British). Refers to the majority of the world's post-nuclear environment in the Judge Dredd Universe.  a Notable example of a Wasteland is the Cursed Earth region in North America. But other kinds of Terrain types are also refered to as wastelands besides the Radiation lands. Another example of a Wasteland can be a Normal desert or a normal Polar area. But these other types of Wasteland would not be considered Radiation Lands. This Page will manly focus on Radation contaminated Wastelands.


During the Atomic wars also known as World War III (2070-2105) and starting with the Great Atomic War of 2070 and ending with the Peace treaty of 2105, it took no more than a few hours for the nuclear warheads that were fired to change the face of the planet and affect life on Earth for many centuries to come. After the atomic fire had cleared, the surface of the Earth was very different. More Nuclear Bombardment followed The great Atom War in the year 2104 during the Apocalypse War. These first two Nuclear Wars are known to historians as the Atomic Wars of 2070-2104.

Millions of buildings and several cities were demolished or severely damaged, with only a few exceptions. Most of the plants that had once flourished on the Earth, were now dead and the Earth was changed from a diverse landscape to a barren and hot desert, radiation becoming a serious threat to what little life remained. People traveling in the Waste land will have to cope with Radioactive Dust Storms and Giant creatures. It is known that There is some forms of life that have mutatated into large creatures and became more dangerous. One of these lifeforms is called the Lizard. One such example was shown in the The Judge Minty Movie/Web episode.

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