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The Widowmaker 2000 is a magazine-fed automatic shotgun. It replaced the older Lawrod rifles as the standard-issue patrol longarm. It is usually carried in the scabbard of a Lawmaster motorcycle.

The full name in the comic is the "Colt Widowmaker M2000 SMG shotgun".

Appearance in comicsEdit

Dredd with Widowmaker

It first appeared during Judgement Day. The Widowmaker had been handed to Senior Judges for field evaluation shortly before the zombies rose, as an intended replacement for the "outdated" Lawrod. Dredd's take after slotting a group of zombies was: "Effective."

It has rarely been seen since (though it was mentioned in the Dredd Vs. Death, again used as an anti-zombie gun).

Appearance in FilmsEdit

Dredd 3D (2012)Edit

Judge Alvarez (Edwin Perry) carries a Widowmaker during the shootout in the drug lab.

Dredd 3D (2012) (Trivia)

The weapon may have been included because Cathy was made a widow earlier in the film by Cassandra Anderson  after her husband, Japhet, was killed.


The Widowmaker prop gun was a stockless Beretta A300 semi-auto shotgun in a custom metal shell. There is a fake box magazine, cosmetic pump-action, and what appears to be a flashlight barrel accessory under the muzzle. Also there is a sling swivel at the back of the pistol-grip. The shell makes it look like a SPAS-12.